motel #2

motel #2

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MOTEL #1 at the Bridge Motel on 15 September was a spectacular bonanza, igniting a firestorm of media, and attracting over 1500 enthusiastic art lusters.  Pix!  In fact it was so much of a success that the owners of the Ambassador Motel (the planned host of MOTEL #2) freaked out and pulled the plug at the last minute.  They were worried about too much attention.  But fret not.  The organizers have secured another location to launch MOTEL #2: the week long endurance festival that takes place in one room of a working motel.  However, the motel will not be revealed to the general public just yet.  Phone 206-782-8872 on Friday 21 September for location details.  You can peer through the motel room window from the outside looking in to view the performances at any time during this week.  This is a working motel – do NOT bother other occupants.  Too many people chit-chattin outside the room and they may decide to kick us out.  No more than 5 viewers at any one time.  As MOTEL #1 was a whirring maelstrom, MOTEL #2 is a lasered workhorse.   Performance artists have committed to working shifts of no less than 8 hours, 24/7, during which they will clock in their intense and sometimes grueling pieces.  This ain’t your gampy’s “happenings”.  You will also be able to see the artists performing their endurance pieces live online via the magic of webcams and the Internet.  All performances will still be held in one room in a working motel on HWY 99, the dirtiest, smelliest, prostitutest, violentest strip in Seattle.  Check out the schedule below for bios and piece descriptions.  Performances will be recorded and embedded on the artists' pages.

A "Payday Gala" ends the week of performances. A small get-together marks the everyday accomplishments of surviving through another week, figuratively for some and literally for others. The roster of artists will gather informally in the room sharing stories and refreshments.  There may or may not be a bucket of chicken.

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MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com