death posture
Artist Bio

Alex Ruhe mates art mediums.  He is a painter, photographer, dancer, writer, a sculptor -- materials include, oils and other paints,  inks, charcoal, blood, bone, stone, detritus, epoxies, decay ... his work is visceral, evocative, and rooted in nature, life/death cycles, invocation and the pitfalls of species, race, communication, and belief.  Since coming to seattle he's shown work at Coca, Consolidated Works, Re-Bar, Ouch My Eye, Gallery 1412, and so on.  He is the co-director of Death Posture, and has written and performed scores of dance, theater and installation pieces.

Vanessa Skantze began performing spoken word in 1993, touring the U.S. with Lydia Lunch and Exene Cervenka. She premiered her solo piece "EYE OF THE BEHOLDER" at Zeitgeist Theatre Experiments in New Orleans in 1996. In 1997, Vanessa founded Teatro de la Psychomachia, Theater of the Soul Struggle, whose name expresses the desire for liberation from self-perpetuated barriers that fetter and frustrate the experiential and expressive freedom of mind and body. The first Psychomachia production was "I AM A CITY BESIEGED BY THE ARMY OF THE DEAD: An Incarnation/Invocation of the writing of Antonin Artaud," performed by Vanessa, Sal Muolo and an array of percussionists. In 1998 Vanessa was a featured performer at the 1998 MULTIKULTURNITEDEN festival in Maribor, Slovenia with her original piece "LITANIES/INCANTATIONS."

Vanessa delved into Gnostic writings to create a movement piece exploring the first-century sacred poem "THE THUNDER: Perfect Mind," which she presented coupled with her own work "ASCENSION" in 1999. She created a work in Spanish and English entitled "PASSION," which she premiered in September 2000. Her most recent solo performance was "THE ALTAR OF DEAD WOMEN," performed at Easter 2001. Vanessa incarnated "MEDEA" in a new adaptation of the Euripides play by New Dramatists playwright Joe Goodrich, which had its première in New York at Six Figures Theatre Company's Artists of Tomorrow Festival in September 2002. She recently completed her feature film debut in "SYMBIOTICA," directed by Nicholas Faust with a script written by Joe Goodrich.

Vanessa is an accomplished practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga, which she teaches. This practice endlessly informs her awareness of the body's mystery and possibility. She has put out a CD of spoken word recordings entitled PARIAH on her own hija del fuego label. With collaborator ce She has created sculptures in steel, copper and stone, which she exhibited in New Orleans at Delgado Comunnity College, Barrister's Gallery and City Art Studios. In Seattle she has shown her work at gallery 1412 and CoCA. While in New Orleans she became a Vodou initiate and studied Haitian drum rhythms which she performed at ceremonies. Currently she sings and plays percussion with local Seattle musicians.

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Performance: TUE 25 SEP 10 AM-6 PM

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Death Posture is a multidisciplinary collective specializing in the creation of the raw fine arts.

There is a high regard for social alchemy, for revolution -- whatever the means and intentions --, for temporary environments, for the theater of the disappeared, for the voices of the silenced, for the explosive rage of the castrated, for the violence in the hands of the helpless, for the murder in the eye of love, for the flowers of agony, for the romance of ruins.

Death Posture's work is both classical and transgressive, exploring the same spiritual/environmental terrain as Artaud, Bataille, de Sade, Genet, Borges, Bernhard, McCarthy, Bosch, Witkin ... to create a living mirror reflecting how empathy is mutated by violence, to find the emotive currents inside atrocity, linking us all. 

While checked into MOTEL, Death Posture will have a touching encounter with the inorganic ... an affair with a plastic world and plastic emotions and plastic relationships ... like everything and everyone else who has been there, inside that space, or who is going to be there, inside that space, we'll check in, have our torrid, anonymous drama, fight to retain some shred of spirit in a lonely, impersonal world and move on, leaving a hollowness, more ghosts in the room.

MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com