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Liz Erber is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked within the realms of dance, theater, video, and music. Most recently, during the summer of 2007, she was living, working, dancing and improvising in eastern Germany and Berlin. Earlier in the year she traveled and danced in France and Israel. At home in Seattle, she has been a resident at Studio Current, a collective of performing artists, for the past year. Here she has presented work regularly at the studio´s Monthly Salon. In addition, she is a member of The Field Seattle, an organization of peer artists dedicated to supporting the artist in his/her creation of new work through a system of constructive feedback, and has regularly participated in both the group´s writing and performance sessions. In the past several years Liz has received commissions from Velocity Dance Center for their annual Bridge Project and from 4Culture and the Duvall Cultural Commission for 4Culture´s Site Specific Work project. Liz has likewise presented original work at On the Board´s 12 Minutes Max, Open Flight´s FlightDeck Residency Showing, Velocity Dance Center´s UnderConstruction and Nature Consortium´s 2006 Art in Nature Festival. On the side, Liz dances with Phffft! Dance Theater Company, likes to dance and teach contact improvisation, and works as a freelance copyeditor, writer, and Portuguese to English translator. You can visit her blog at

Vanessa DeWolf is an interdisciplinary improvisational performance artist, who has been making experimental performances for more then a decade in Seattle.  Her work is highly visual and poetic and increasingly site-specific.  Found objects, found environments, and uncovered characters emerge improvisationally exposing the inner realms of the site. Trained as a playwright, printmaker and figure skater; she uses processes from many mediums to make her work including: costume design, collage and assemblage, somatic movement practices and surrealist writing practices.  She's been involved in the Field-Seattle for more then 15 years (directing the organization for the last 7 years), a peer-review artist driven program that cultivates reflective feedback during the process of making new work.   In 2006 she founded an artist-support residency program at Studio-Current to encourage creative, experimental, process-oriented, performance work in supportive dialog with other artists.  The community is made up of theater, dance, writing and performance artists.  Her performances have been seen throughout Seattle at On the Boards, Barefoot Studios (Tacoma), Freehold Studio Lab Theater, Velocity Dance Center, New City Theater, The Richard Hugo House and more.

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Performance: "MOTEL Story Catching Lab" SAT 22 SEP 2 AM - 10 AM & WED 26 SEP 2 AM - 10 AM

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In this 8-hour improvisation we use words, movement and sound to find the voice of this culturally forgotten space, the no man´s land of America and Seattle. In Appalachia there is such a thing as a song catcher, a person who catches old songs and melodies from the past. Where does this information come from? From the memory of the local – knowledge held within its ether. In a similar way, during our 8 hour improvisation, we catch words, sounds and stories --derived from the intersection of ourselves with the space and objects held within the knowing walls of our motel room.

MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com