Artist Bio

Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger is a performance/live artist. In 2004 she made a Public Declaration of Commitment to Her Creative Self with a performance titled, Commitment Ceremony. To correspond with the Commitment Ceremony she legally adopted her artist moniker as her middle name.

Recurring themes in Flatchestedmama's work include brief public residencies (Domicile: A Sense of Place, 2004, 40 days in the Center on Contemporary Art and Destination: Country Village, 2006, 9 days in a country-themed shopping village), photographic series and the integration of simple, self created boundaries with daily-life.

Flatchestedmama is a founding member of the double dutching performance group, OntheDouble (dutch). She is also an avid mail artist. You can check out OntheDouble's jumping at: www.onthedoubledutch.com and send Flatchestedmama mail at:



1122 E Pike St. #502

Seattle, WA 98122

For more information please visit: www.flatchestedmama.com.

Watch a video of screen grabs made by her homey!

Performance: "Hello from MOTEL" FRI 28 SEP 10 AM - 6 PM

Click here to see live streaming webcast of performance

An exercise in displaced domestic rituals, examining the items and actions that make up one's home, away from home. 

If you would like to receive a limited edition Hello from MOTEL postcard via snail mail, written during Flatchestedmama's performance, please e-mail your address to flatchestedmama @ hotmail . com with I want MOTEL mail in the subject line. Thank you for your interest.

Enter. Unpack. Jump on the bed. Write postcards. Change clothes. Pack. Exit.

MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com