laura corsiglia
Artist Bio

Laura Corsiglia works in drawing, painting, words and ephemeral processes. From New Aiyansh, British Columbia, to Paris, Seattle, through Timbuktu and Oaxaca, with current studio base on Lummi Island, Washington. Surrealism and poem life mark the passage of birds and the fish in the plate. upcoming exhibits: "The Diane and Sandy Besser Collection" De Young Museum, San Francisco,  and "Wolf: Salon Centro", Mexico City and Berlin.

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Performance: "BCNH-Scroll" FRI 28 SEP 2 AM - 10 AM

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In this project I will draw spontaneous night imagery on a continuous scroll of paper, using ink and pencils, under a light bulb, from 2 am until 10 am, in homage to the Black Crowned Night Heron whose name is abbreviated in ornithological shorthand as BCNH. There are also freight trains that are called BNSF. BCNHs are colony nesters and may have some interest therefore in motels. There may also be shortwave radio involved. There may also be my husband sleeping in the room while i am night-drawing. There may be lightning. There will be lines.

MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com