motel #1


3650 Bridge Way N

off Aurora, in Fremont

15 September 2007

5 PM - midnight

Room Artist Description of Piece
Office Vis-a-vis Society

"100 Rooms" - Interactive Installation and Motel Study. Check in with Dr. Ink & Dr. Eamer of the Vis-à-Vis Society to fill out a survey and receive a key for the perfect motel room for you. Each of the 100 Vis-a-Vis Society poem-rooms is unique and the Vis-a-Vis Society will individually match each room and guest. All guests are responsible for finding their own rooms, and some rooms may take years to find. For more information and further research, please visit .

#0 C. Davida Ingram

"Come Hungry: A Seven-Course Performance" - How deeply are we ruled by our appetites? The private performance Come Hungry comes with a suggestive titled culled from a modest proposition: Black woman willing to make your favorite meal. You bring the ingredients. I prepare. Come Hungry . While the initial installment of Come Hungry exclusively highlighted white male diners the artist met on the Internet, the Bridge Motel event includes strangers and friends alike.

#1 Meghan Guthrie

"Recreation through video installation. Enjoy the view."

#2 & #5 Implied Violence

“come to my center you enter the winter” - Behold the thousand teeth fist, swift and boneless. You are desperate to understand.  This is knowledge you wish you had.  Implied Violence recruits a sickening army of troublemakers to raise a mother-fucking ruckus at The Bridge Motel.  (You can’t understand half this shit.)  We young bloods demolish, violate, and humiliate two of the polluted rooms at the Motel as she seizes and shakes in her final death throes.  Say goodnight, sweet prince.  The promise is this:  if we go there, we go gritty.  We are a gang of liars and thieves, sex fiends and alcoholics.  Trust us.  We made this play to burn the place down.  Brace yourselves.  Enter our winter…  

#3 Lounge Straight up chillin
#4 Paul Rucker

"Catalyst: Interactive sound/video installation" - Catalyst explores the process of creating art. What motivates, incites, and feeds creative impulses. Where does the artist find the drive to explore and develop their individual voices? Catalyst will speak of art in relation to ego, imitation of nature, and desire for a better world. This new interactive audio/video installation will invite viewers to question the value of art, as well as its overall purpose.

#6 Robert Zverina

"Smoke and Mirrors" - Immersive installation aims to gently disorient visitors and re-orient them with revitalized appreciation of senses.

#7 D. K. Pan "The World Will Always Welcome Lovers"- a red room. a red room. a red room filled with salt. salt and memory. a young woman sleeping in a wedding dress. a wedding dress in a green meadow dreams of a sleeping in a red room. the room turned red one night. and everyone took off their shoes to see inside. it is confusing and too quiet in here. maybe and maybe she won't sleep under the bed tonight.
#8 Studio loUP

"8 Legs" by Kathy Kim and Shelly Farnham. An Interactive Installation exploring the dichotomy of the victim and prey in social webs.  The participants will enter a tangle of strings where they will find themselves caught in the tension of a tightly interwoven structure.

#9 Sarah Kavage

"Ghost Stumps" - White porcelain tree stump poised at the juncture of wilderness and civilization.  The Bridge Motel is the first in a series of public installations of the stumps, which are intended as a testament to the ever-changing landscape of the Pacific Northwest.  150 years ago the site of the Bridge Motel was covered with forests.  Later in September, the Motel will also become a relic of the past when it is demolished for a new development.

#10 PDL "Deep Space"
#9/11 backroom Kaleb Hagan-Kerr & Erin Spencer

"The Darkened Chamber" - Enter a room made into a Camera Obscura and watch with intrigue to what could have possibly, probably, maybe never even happened, in the rooms of The Bridge Motel.

#11 Laura Corsiglia

"Slippage Drawing" - Slippage Drawing is both born and made.   Looking to contain and see out, Slippage Drawing pulls in with lines made of pencil made of eyes made of chairs made of color or ink. Paper is a surface among surfaces. Small animals or large, crayfish of all sizes, nostrils, a bridge from the real world of drawing to the real world of clouds and you know bridges draw both ways. Slippage Drawing is an invitation to life.

#12 Jack Daws & Faith Ramos "Campfire"
Interstitial Spaces Description of Piece
Scott Sunn TBD
Azucar Acida

"Praying Walk" by Sheri Brown & Diana Garcia-Snyder. Butoh Mexicano work-in-progress seeding-duet exploring the Universal River, the Cross, Ganesha, and The Cherry. Created in Tlalpuhajua, Mexico under the guidance of Diego Pinon. Music by Albinoni.

No Touching Ground

"Guide" - Wolves.  Ravens.  Owls.  Shamans.  One of the last storytellers, a northwest pure blood, conjures up his ghost army.

Alan Sutherland "High Bridge"
Tom Chapel "Hope/less"
Robert Zverina

"Flattened Can Spiral" - More than one thousand traffic-flattened aluminum cans salvaged from Seattle streets since 2005 assembled in shape of spiral. This will be the 5th and largest incarnation of this ongoing temporary sculpture project.

NKO "The Symbol in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
One Pot
Dike Din "Don't Come A Knockin" - TOOL, smoke machine, laser lights, and chicken ... in a van, bitches. Let's be chums
MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com