MOTEL is a series of performances and installations that visits three different motels, each a different version, and explores how each informs transience.

We are here, then gone. The subject is loaded with reference - its function as container for happening. In some ways it exists as a 'temporary autonomous zone' within a fixed location, in that the inhabitants who seek its shelter carry the stories to fill the space. It's a repository with imprints of voices within its walls. The motel also operates within a certain boundary of discretion, wherein activities take place under the constraints of a fluid time and space, meaning without the permanence characteristic of a residence. Ultimately, the motel is a place of transition, existing in the intermediary space between here and there, now and then, whether traveling or without/outside of a home. Nobody lives in a motel. They are there between their living. And not there for long. At least that's the intention.

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