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Thike Thin has released three independent albums - all failed commercially and critically. In 2002, he founded Seattle School, the arts collective responsible for Iron Composer, The Bike Bin Project, A Clockwork Orange:REMIXED, etc. The Stranger gave Seattle School their 2004 Genius Award for Organization. The Seattle Weekly voted Seattle School as 2005 Best Experimental Band. Both publications have since publicly regretted these recognitions. And rightly so, cuz me dumdum.

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Performance: "Herding Cats" 10 AM 22 SEP - 10 AM 24 SEP

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Appropriating from Joseph Beuys' "I Like America ..." (who hasn't?), I will be conducting an offsite work session with 6 cats for 3 days and 2 nights with the intention of finalizing a plan on world domination. The problem with facilitating cats is their hidden agendas. It's difficult to reach consensus.

All of these adorable cats are available for adoption at the Seattle Humane Society. Contact them right now!

MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com