w. b. suthers
Artist Bio

W. B. Suthers failed life drawing in college. This was a major defeat and source of great embarrassment, but it’s all ok now. Suthers paints awkward pictures of cats and dogs, stoic images of meat-filled dinner plates and frozen rows of little girls.

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Performance: "The Joy of Painting" TUE 25 SEP 6 PM - 2 AM

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“All you need is the desire to make beautiful things happen on canvas. With Bob’s fantastic Wet-on-Wet Technique and a little dedicated practice, masterpieces that you never dreamed possible will flow from your brush.” Bob Ross.

Bob Ross has produced a line of art supplies, starred in 31 seasons of a world famous tv show and has produced countless original oil paintings straight out of his mind. He’d be painting along and then say, “I think there’s a little guy living over here”.

This program has long fascinated Ms Suthers, so she is taking up Mr. Ross’ challenge of dedicated practice. One season in one session, that’s the goal. She’ll paint along with season 24 of the Joy of Painting, matching Bob stroke for stroke. During this 8-hour shift 13 Bob Ross episodes will be watched, 13 Bob Ross paintings will be duplicated. It’s like Jane Fonda aerobics, only with art.

MOTEL contact: chairmanmin @ yahoo . com